On paper, I was not “suppose to be” depressed, lonely, or homeless. And committing suicide “should have” been the furthest thing from my mind. I come on, I  had a loving, God fearing family. My parents have been married for over 30 years. I have an older brother and sister whom I look up to. I am well educated, articulate, and likable. So why the heck was my life in such turmoil?

In 2011, to the world I seemingly had everything together; but inside I had lost my fight. I had given up and allowed life to beat me to an unrecognizable pulp. My life was not going as planned. My degrees, training, and head knowledge had gotten me nowhere. So I concluded (as many of us do during hard times) that God did not know what the heck He was doing. I felt He had hung me out to dry and I had to do this thing call life on my own. When I realized I couldn’t handle the pressure and I gave into the lie that I added no value to this world. I decided it was time for me to leave it.

Have you ever felt this way? Like nothing you did was ever good enough or that you’ve done your part but God was not holding up His end of the bargain? If so then you totally understand where I’m coming from.  Anywho, after I decided I should check out of here. Things didn’t go as planned and instead of the morgue, I ended up in the psyche ward.

This failed attempt at suicide left me bewildered, afraid, and vulnerable. I became numb to life and simply drifted from day to day. About a year later out of sheer desperation and a desire to shake the shackles of depression. I turned to Jesus once again, and it was here that God reminded me of these Biblical Truths.

  1. God is the Creator of my life plan
  2. God is All-sufficient, Almighty, All-knowing, Always present, and the Essence of Love
  3. God has a reason and a purpose for every moment in my life
  4. God has orchestrated my life plan to work out for my good


Since you and I have been created by God, these truths apply to you too. Whether you feel you live in abundance or feel that you have been short changed and pulled the short end of the proverbial life stick. That makes absolutely no difference. Cuz we’re all in this thing together baby!

“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” (Psalms 139:16). “For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord. They are of good and not of evil to bring you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11).”

You can find comfort in the fact that God Himself is the composer and conductor of your symphony of life. Because of this you know things do not just happen and there is no coincidences in life. But I would propose that when a deeper understanding of who God is, the greater comfort and confidence you will have in your life plan. Although He is infinite in His quality and character, I would like to present four of His attributes or credentials if you will; that you and I should keep in the forefront of our minds to make trusting God’s plan the natural thing to do.

The God who created our life plan is almighty and all sufficient (Genesis 17:1-3)

In Genesis 17:1 God reveals to Abram that He is El-Shaddai, God Almighty. We can rest  in the truth that the one who planned out our life from end to beginning needed nothing outside Himself to exist His beginning and needs nothing to sustain His existence. Such a concept is far greater than we can fully comprehend. However, if we look at it this we may begin to vaguely grasp the grandeur of this truth. Humans in all our glory first needed a man and a woman to come together in order for our existence to begin. And in order to sustain our existence, we need food, water, adequate rest, resources, etc. We rely on workouts to help make us strong and the presence and affection of others to create a sense of belonging.  But God needs none of these. He is Almighty and all sufficient in and of Himself. Glory be to God.

The God who created our life plan is all knowing (Psalms 139:1-3,16; Psalms 147:5; Jeremiah 29:11; 1 John 3:20)

The plan we are living out day by day, moment by moment was contrived by a God who knows everything. He knows what was, what is, and what is to come. In His infinite wisdom, He made us to play a role in His universal scheme. He’s not making things up as time goes along. And His not surprised by anything because He knows what will happen before it happens and He knows the reason or purpose as to why it happened. God is a God of incomprehensible foresight and hindsight. Let us rejoice.

The God who created our life plan is always present (Psalms 139:7-12)

Psalms 139:7 says, I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence. What a God we serve. He did not create us, put us on a path, and then leave us out on our own. But He is always with us as we execute His preplanned events day in and day out. Although we may feel alone, we are never lonely for His word says He will personally go ahead of us. And that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). Therefore, we can face every day, detail, and dilemma of our life with strength and courage because He is always present.

The God who created our life plan is love (1 John 4:8,16)

Far too often when things do not go our way, we blame it on a lie that God does not love us or is trying to destroy us in one way or another.  But this is a lie from satan and could not be further from the truth. The plan God has for us is for good and not disaster, to give us a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11). There is no hate for you in God because He Himself is love. In our selfishness, we perceive correction and discipline as hate and injustice. But the LORD disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:6). So we can find comfort in the truth that no matter what part of God’s grand plan you are currently in. It’s purposed to express and created by Love Himself.

Sooo… What do you do now? How do you use this to live better tomorrow? I’m so stinkin’ glad you asked. 🙂 Now is the time with all your everything that you commit to trusting God and to accepting His truth. Live out this reality by intentionally leaning into who God is whenever life tries to through you a curve ball. Finally, read scriptures to learn more about the God you say you love and trust that way when the enemy comes to attack you, you can shut him up wit the Word of God.

Sending you Positive Vibes and the Love of Christ, 


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