Life Coaching

Benir Pierre, Intuitive Life Coach
Intuitive Life Coach, Master Manifestor, and the secret weapon every boss needs. I teach leaders to apply the principles of abundance to create a fearless and intentional lifestyle.

Benir Pierre is an Intuitive Life Coach and Master Manifestor on a mission to help one million women heal their relationship with God, self and money.

A miracle from birth, Benir spent her first week of life in a hole of a New Orleans bayou. After being molested at the age of six and enduring a childhood of physical and emotional abuse, she spiraled into depression, hitting rock bottom after her third failed suicide attempt.

Through rigorous soul searching, personal development studies, and divine intervention on her path to wholeness, Benir overcame her devastating history and has dedicated her life to igniting hope, inspiring change and empowering others to take action in their lives.

Drawing from her education in social psychology and more than fifteen years in the financial planning industry combined with life lessons learned on her own journey, Benir developed the signature D.R.E.A.M. Success Strategy System which has helped countless clients find spiritual, emotional and financial freedom.

Services include life coaching, personal development courses, intuitive reading, and crystal healing.
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Faith Follower
I have written two books Say it loud and The Battle is not yours.

Motivational speaker and Mentor