Our July Featured God Girl on the Go is none other than Benir Pierre is an Intuitive Life Coach and Manifestation Mentor who is on a mission to help 1 million women heal their relationship with God, self, and money. Freedom that helps them live fearlessly. By applying the principles of abundance Benir challenges women to excel far above the limitations, rules, and judgments of others so that they can live with purpose on their terms every day. 

During her interview , Benir shares her 3-step process for manifesting anything in any area of your life.

The first, is clear and focused intention. What specifically do you want? Honing in as much as you can on what you want will help you achieve it faster and with more precision. Sure you may have financial goals, personal growth goals, parenting goals; along with a whole slew of others. But since you only have 24 hours in a day you need to increase your focus and be intentional about selecting your thoughts.  

Secondly, is to have unwavering faith. No matter what the situation looks like, you must always believe that it’s possible, otherwise as stated in James 1:5-8 you should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Decide now that that thing in which you are focusing on will come to past. It’s possible.

The third and most important step is, inspired action. Benir explains this is where many fall short and faith dies. Naming and claiming abundance is easy yet pointless when not complemented with consistent action. You must be willing to do the necessary things today, in order to have those things you hope for tomorrow.

Let your actions revive your faith and your focused intention guide your heart.

Be sure to tune in on Wednesdays 9PM EST for Benir’s Radio Broadcast Passion and Purpose. And like her on Facebook to stay connected.


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