Until recently, I really disregarded the importance of having a daily devotional time. In fact I saw it more as a Christian obligation rather than the privilege that it is and so out of rebellion, laziness, or maybe a combination of the two I made little to no effort to get up and make time for God in the morning.

I literally had the attitude “ if I feel like getting up I’ll read my Bible and if I don’t I won’t.” Yes I know it’s a pretty lame attitude to have towards the God of the universe but I’m just being honest. There were so many things bidding for my time and attention I just “didn’t have the time.” But then before I knew it I had grown stale and stagnant in my spiritual growth, the cares of life seemed to be mounting up, and stress became a daily norm. The effectiveness of my prayers even began to change. I found myself just praying my wish list to God, unable to hear His voice, and feeling lost.

Even though I believe (as I’m sure you do too) that all the answers we need are in the Word of God. And God wants us to pursue Him not out of obligation but out of pure love and a desire to know Him, His ways, and what He thinks about us I just wasn’t motivated. Eventually however, I began to miss my closeness with Our Heavenly Father, and after some self evaluation I realized that when God and I were the closest was when I was having regular customized prayer and devotion with Him.

So, I made up my mind to retrain myself and create a habit of daily devotion. (I mean you can only get so much from a Sunday morning sermon.) It’s not an easy thing to do, I had developed the bad habit of sleeping until the last possible minute, rushing through my morning to get out of the door on time, and simply doing the bare minimum. Because I had fooled myself in thinking that I was so busy. But I read somewhere that “if we are too busy for prayer and devotional time with God, then we are way busier than He intended. This hit home and I realized it was definitely time to change.

Determined to develop the habit of daily devotional time I used these four steps to help me get me started. Creating new habits of any kind isn’t easy but I hope these simple hacks that help make it a little easier for you.

I’m totally rootin’ for ya God Girl!

Prep Your Space The Night Before

I’ve accepted to fact that I have the attention span of a baby gnat and am easily distracted. Mornings are the worst because I’m not really all there until about 7 or 8. So trying to figure out what I’m going to read, pray for, or journal about as soon as I wake up is always a total fail. Not only that, although my house is completely silent when I get up at 5:30am if I don’t have a designated area that’s neat clean and free from randomness like clothes that need to be hung up, my son’s legos, or anything for that matter. I may (sadly enough I totally have done this) spend my entire allotted time thinking about how I need to clean them up when I’m done.

So to avoid this total time waster, I have created a cute little corner of my office as my personal prayer space, I have all the materials I may need and my journaling and Bible study papers are all set before I go to bed the night before.

This was really a game changer.

Make It Public and Be Accountable

I have been blessed to be surrounded by some pretty awesome Christian women. Like seriously, God outdid Himself when he made these gorgeous glittery gals. Three of them particularly (four including myself) have formed an accountability group. Where each week we share our goals and commitments. I decided to let them know when I planned to do my daily devotion and even went as far as posting daily in our private Facebook group when I wake up or sometime shortly after my devotion time to let them know I’m keeping up with my commitment.

Now I’m not going to lie and tell you I make it every day as planned, but I certainly miss fewer days knowing that I’m going to have to explain to them why I did not keep my commitment. It’s one of those rare times where pride actually works in your favor cuz  I don’t want to be the only lame in the group that falls short.

Ditch the Snooze Button

So to my knowledge, there is nowhere written in the Bible that says “Thou shalt have daily devotion in the morning.” But if Jesus started His day with alone time with God (see Mark 1:35) then I’m following the example of that guy! The only problem is I’m not exactly a morning person and the alarm clock is my arch nemesis. So to cope me and the snooze button created a special kind of bond. Unfortunately, when you’re trying to develop the habit of morning daily devotion you can’t waste time snoozing. The crazy part is I did the whole put your alarm clock across the room thing and I’d literally wake up, walk over, turn it off, walk back, and get back in bed completely convinced that I “needed 5 more minutes.”

To help me break this ridiculous cycle I started doing a few mundane things to keep me up long enough for my brain to turn on. So before I settle down to my devotional time I’ve already…

  • brushed my teeth
  • put my jewelry on
  • drank Water
  • put on lotion
  • and done a 7-minute workout (thank you 7-minute workout app)

When I write them out it kind of makes me seem like a crazy person. But trust me God Girl, these little simple activities really help wake you up.

Create a Plan That’s Aligned with Your Priorities and Purpose

Single handily the BEST thing I did when it came making daily devotion a habit was designing my own plan. One that spoke to my current life situation, what I needed from God,  addressed my needs, and catered to my learning style. It’s super cool to know that every time I meet up with God we talk about what’s really going on in my life. He shows me through His word how to handle things, and He reveals the part He plays in it all. OMGEEZZYYY it’s totally awesome. Not only that but because I am engaged in my personal plan I am able to experience God in a very real way. I am also more likely to live out my devotion rather than forget everything I’ve read as soon as my day starts.

I’ve created this pretty cool Dynamic Devotion Design Workshop to show you the exact steps I used to create my plan. You can access the replay for FREE by clicking here or the button below.

Well there you have it, the Exact Steps I Took To Make Devotional Time A Daily Habit.

God Girl Getter Done!

Now it’s time to take action. Turn your pain into a plan so that you can get delivered.

  • Pick a place in your home that you can go to daily for your devotion.
  • Personalize the space in a way that makes it inviting.
  • Determine your wake up time and sick with it. Note: I typically get up earlier Monday thru Friday but give myself permission to sleep in a bit later on Saturday & Sunday. You do what works for you.
  • Watch the  Dynamic Devotion Design Workshop replay and totally boss out your customized Bible Study.
  • Tell at least one person about your plan and ask them to be your accountability partner. Feel free to ask the ladies in the Community of Christian Women group on Facebook if you don’t have someone in your immediate circle.
  • Finally execute, execute, execute all the planning in the world does no good if you don’t implement.

I would love to hear about your journey. Please provide updates in Community of Christian Women group on Facebook.

Tis all for now.

Sending you positive vibes and the love of Christ,



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