The dynamic Daily Devotion Design Workshop

Want a practical strategy for turning your pain into a plan, so that you can get delivered? Splendid. This totally results oriented workshop replay + workbook is going to give you practical action steps to follow in order for you to create a spiritual growth plan that puts you in the position to seriously improve any life area. Need peace? Direction? Financial freedom? Whatever it is, the answer is in the Bible. And together we’re going to discover how to access it. Get ready to have your mind blown (in the most amazing way of course).


The Dynamic Daily Devotional Design Workshop is totally for you if:

-You and your family are in need something specific from God.

-You need to increase the quality of one or more areas of your life for your sanity and family sake.

-You understand daily devotion is important but have no clue how to make it more effective and life changing.

-You know the Bible has all the answers to all of life answers but you’re not sure how to find them.

-You want to get closer to God in a very real way.

-You need a clear action plan on how to get things done.

-You’re tired of wasting time trying to fix things on your own.