Hello Gorgeous God Girl!

Thanks for poppin’ by. You must be wanting to become your best awesome self by living God’s Word out loud. And you must be looking to connect with a savvy, sassy, and saved sista to give you practical actionable advice on how to do so…

Well I’ve got news for ya, you gorgeous glittery pile of wonderful (just smile and go with it. LOL). You are in the right place feel free to bust out in your happy dance now.

Maybe you’re like “there’s GOT to be something more than this (insert colorful Christian word here) life I’m living.” And you’re ready to level it up by any means necessary. If so, welcome to Awesome! But be warned… This is not yo mama’s Christian living site; oh no! We don’t do fluff, random stuff, or entertain corny Christian puff. Ova here it’s all about teaching, practical application, freedom, & fun.

So if you wanna do cool stuff like:

  • Create a life aligned with your priorities and purpose that you ridiculously adore
  • Want to see God show up in your life as you activate your faith daily
  • Get super support from someone who’s totally bent on helping you totally boss out your relationship with Christ and sooooo doesn’t do “religion”
  • Access to tools, resources, and strategies you need in order to live God’s Word out loud and kick satan in the face
  • Ditch the poor pitiful me routine, take control of your life, become super awesome, and have a good ol’ fashion good time while doing it

This is your new favorite place on the web that is world wide 🙂

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I’m kinda weird (my mom says I’m “different” hehehe), I have a big personality, a big mouth, but an even bigger heart and it’s totally dedicated to making sure you become the best possible version of yourself, create a life you love, and fullfill your God assignment. In Jesus Name. 

Such is the mission and purpose of the Hello God Girl site and my community.

It doesn’t matter is  you’ve been a Christian for 7 years, 7 months, or heck 7 minutes you’re about to become a major player in the progress, growth, and advancement of God’s Kingdom.

What do you say, are you game??? Before you answer that, there’s a couple things I want you to know…

  • Making the decision to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior really way the BEST decision of your life.
  • You ARE a super hero, with super powers (AKA the Holy Spirit) and you can bet your cute little Converse that I will challenge you to embrace this truth.
  • You really CAN live an abundant whimsically wonderful life.
  • I am dedicated to helping you take the limits off of yourself and off of God in order to achieve exceedingly more than you could ever ask for, think or, or even imagine.
  • I don’t do religion. I’m not a fan of pity parties, and you won’t find a bunch of judgey fire and brimstone nonsense here.
  • God has a purpose for you. One that only you can accomplish, but you have to be willing to employ your God-like abilities and put in the work to do it.

So why am I totally obsessed with Christian Lifestyle coaching? 

Well not to bum you out, but 2012.. ish I lost my fight and almost lost my life. Times had gotten super hard and although I was a Christian I was notorious for pity parties, feeling like God didn’t love me, and basically letting the cares of the world kick me around. I also had the brilliant idea of trying to get the things of God, from God, my way. Obviously, that was the stupidest idea I could have ever had and I learned quickly that you can’t bet the God of the Universe.

Yeah so my life sucked, I felt I added no value to the world, and that there was no point of me being here. Consequently, I decided to take myself out. Fast forward, if I didn’t feel like a failure already that feeling amplified because I was like “dang I couldn’t even kill myself right.” At the time I didn’t realize what a blessing that was. So I just got numb to life and for the next couple of years, I floated through simply starting a day and looking forward to the end where I could climb back in bed and disappear.

Now I can’t tell you when, nor can I tell you why but one day I woke up and decided that my life was lame and I didn’t want to be that way anymore. I came to the realization that I claimed to serve the God of all so it’s bout time I acted like it. This kick started my journey from depression to dopeness. 🙂 I launched the Community of Christian Women in 2016 and have been on a mission to help God Girls everywhere activate their awesome by living God’s Word out loud.

Well, there you have it God Girl. If you want access to my resource library so you can have the super helpful Christian Lifestyle tools, templates, trainings, etc at your fingertips, you should totally click here. You’ll also get exclusive invites to workshops, sneak peaks into new content and a bunch of other cool stuff to help you activate your awesome. 

Welcome to the Community of Christian Women! We’re just a bunch of dope chicks who love Jesus and now you’re a part of us too.