Let’s face it, as Christian women thinking positive is not as easy as some make it out to be. It takes a conscious and consistent action to recognize, replace, and ratify the lies of satan. I know I constantly struggle with negative self-talk and it shows up in the way I physically see myself; my beliefs in my abilities and talents; self-worth; and sometimes even the certainty of my salvation.

When these thoughts arise I’ve tried everything to get rid of them. I’ve tried ignoring them. I’ve tried over compensating to prove them wrong. And I’ve even tried arguing and reasoning with them. To no avail obviously. So what’s a God Girl to do? I mean satan is slick and he’s always attacking my thoughts despite my best efforts.

Well, thank God we have the example of Jesus. When he was tempted in the wilderness He (Jesus) didn’t try to ignore satan nor did He argue with him. Jesus boldly quoted the truths of God. Resisting the enemy he soon fled from Jesus because he realized he could not win. You and I need to follow Jesus’ lead on this one and use resources like the ShutUp devil app, the Bible Promises for You book, and the openBible.info website to help us quickly access God’s Word on a particular topic. Speaking God’s truths will help you extinguish the lies of satan.

Although, the above-mentioned resources are super handy. An even more effective way to shut satan up and boost your self-confidence is to know what God thinks and says about you, then live it out daily. Because you are a Christian woman there are certain things that make you extra awesome attributes that you should hold near and dear to your heart; commit to memory, and life out with boldness.

1. You are a little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honor by the LORD God Himself.  Psalm 8:4-9 

How cool is this? You may feel insignificant at times. Like you don’t matter and if you show up today or not doesn’t make a difference. But God thinks otherwise. So much so that He’s given you a position only slightly lower than His heavenly beings AND gave you rule over all the things He created. So you totally matter to this world and to His plan for it. As a Christian woman, you can live this truth out by gracefully demanding that you, your thoughts, and contributions are valued. You may have been allowing people to walk all of you or treat you as though you’re nothing. Let’s put a stop to this today God Girl. Take your rightful place and lift up your hanging head.

2. You are the wonderful work of the Master. He cares so much about you that He took note of every day of your life before a single one had passed. Psalm 139

For whatever reason, women are so critical of themselves when it comes to their physical appearance. Like we can go to the gym every day, eat organic everything, drop 10 out of the 15lbs we wanted to loose and still fuss over the 5lbs we haven’t lost yet.  There is always something. Always a part of us that doesn’t quite look like we think it should. But when you find yourself in a funk just remember you are masterfully made in the image of God. You are simply splendid in stature. And your physic is flawless perfectly crafted as God intended. So don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s OK to want to improve in one area or another but not at the cost of diminishing of your self-confidence.

3. You are in the thoughts of the LORD God. He thinks well of you. Jeremiah 29:11

I was listening to the podcast the other day and the speaker said something very profound. He said something to the effect that when we were younger about 3 or 4ish our happiness came from within. We were perfectly fine and content doing our own thing in our own little world and we didn’t need anyone’s approval. But now as adults, we find our happiness in other people. And as soon as we feel like no one is thinking about us both figurative and literally we tend to get down and feel alone or unloved.

The enemy is good at using these feelings you have about people to get you to equivocate them to God also. Leaving you feeling like God has abandoned you, doesn’t love you, and is not mindful of you. Don’t fall for his trick keep Jeremiah 29:11 in mind… God is always thinking of you God Girl. You are totally His beloved.

4. You are the recipient of the LORD God’s everlasting love and continued faithfulness. Jeremiah 31:3

Have you ever felt like you were doing all you can to serve God to the fullest but despite your best efforts He wasn’t holding up His end of the bargain? I get it, trust me. When God doesn’t do or show up like we think He should we tend to throw a bit of a temper-tantrum and conclude that God’s “unfailing” love has called it quits and He’s not keeping His word. But these are lies from satan. Don’t allow yourself to be played by the enemy.

Know that God loves you with an immeasurable kind of love and is always faithful. During the times you think otherwise consider this… He may just be creating opportunities for you to grow in faith and trust.Or withholding something that could be detrimental to you. Whatever it is, know that God always has your best interest at heart. And that’s the dope truth. Which leads me to my next point…

5. What’s happening to you is suppose to happen and is good for you. Romans 8:28

It can be difficult for you to see how all things are working together for your good when all the things you see are anything but. I get it. But I would like to clue you in on a little game I play when I’m going through a rough time. It has helped me adopt a God perspective about my situations and I pray it will do the same for you. When I’m going through something before I get too far into my feelings, I pause and ask myself two questions. What lesson am I suppose to learn from this? And what fruit of the Spirit does being here help me develop?

Case in point, I ride the train throughout Metro Atlanta on the regular and for whatever reason hearing other people’s conversations is so very irritating to me. And every now and then I end up in a car with a person (usually a woman) who has no clue what the heck an inside voice is. On sight, I use to turn up whatever I was listening to, huff and puff, and get crazy cranky. I now stop and ask my two game questions.

When I do this,  I realized that I’ve  judged the lady too harshly and that I need to exercise more patience and love for others. Consequently, approaching the situation this way shifts the dynamics and the loud-talking passenger is no longer the object of my affliction, I am. Because of the qualities he wants to bring out of me, God puts me in situations to make it happen. Ergo all things really do work together for the good.

I encourage you to try it, you’ll be amazed at the number of lessons God is trying to teach you if you ‘d only draw your attention to what He’s doing.

Life Application:

So what exactly can you do to begin to shift from a negative self-perception to a positive one? How do you silence the lies of the enemy? You do so by applying these 3 simples steps every time he attacks you:

  1. Recognize: Self-awareness is huge. The sooner you can recognize that you are entertaining the lies of satan the better.
  2. Replace: This where your resources and scripture memorization come in handy. Once you recognize that what you’re thinking goes against God’s Word you must immediately replace the lie with God’s truth. Just like we did above
  3. Ratify: The real victory is won when you begin to believe God’s Word. Then the lies satan is trying to get you to believe are completely extinguished and ratified once you accept God’s Word as the ultimate truth.

In order to help you put these 3 steps into practice, I created this free quick guide. I want you to think highly of yourself and your abilities so it’s my prayer that you will use this gift to help shift your perspective of who you really are. Accessing it is easy. Just pop your info into the box below and I’ll send over an access link so you can download it.

Tis all for now.

Sending you positive vibes and the love of Christ,  



PS. Want more scriptures that speak to your awesomeness? Check out this BONUS list:

  • You are more than a conqueror. Inseparable from the love of God in Christ Jesus your Lord. Romans 8:37-39
  • You are one whose sins are washed whiter than snow. Isaiah 1:18
  • You have the power within you. Acts 1:8
  •  You are wired to be financially and righteously blessed. Galatians 3:6-8
  • Your goals are not out of reach. Luke 18:27

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